Harry Borrison

His looks might be as innocent as the angels, yet you’ll never know what’s on the mind of someone as cunning as Harry Borrison…

His looks might be as innocent as the angels, yet you’ll never know what’s on the mind of someone as cunning as Harry Borrison…


Why Bidam?

But before that, why Queen Seon Deok?


“The Great Queen Seon Deok” is a sageuk Korean Drama which originally aired at MBC and was aired also here in the Philippines by the network giant GMA. It was the top rating drama at its airing date span in Korea and also a smash hit for many Filipinos. Though honestly speaking, I was never able to start it because, I don’t know, I wasn’t able to start it at GMA and when I tried watching it in the internet, I just begin where I finished it on TV, but nevertheless, this drama for me is my top 1 all-time favorite together with “The Innocent Man” and “The Princess’s Man” at the 2nd and 3rd place respectively, because of its great twists and turns and also for the awesome characterization they made, especially with the leads such as Yushin, Alcheon, Bidam, and who would miss the ever-cunning Mishil, whom really had made their roles as flawless as they achieved it to be in order to make way for Her Majesty, Queen Seon Deok herself.

Now, why Bidam?


Bidam is the abandoned son of Seju Mishil to the disposed king of Silla, King Jinji. Bidam, if ever he and his mother was proclaimed by then King Jinji as his family, would have been a prince and Mishil could also have achieved her lifetime ambition to become a queen, but as it turns out to be, King Jinji didn’t acknowledge them which led Mishil into frustration and later on proclaim the real heir to the throne which is not King Jinji but King Jinpyeong who would later become the father to the born twins, Deokman and Cheonmyeong. Bidam, on the other hand, was simply abandoned by Mishil without any affection or doubt, which had led him into Munno’s hand, a prominent Hwarang and a Gukseon (Field Marshall) who knew that being a son of the political master Mishil and another intelligent prowess and a royal King Jinji, Bidam also would inherit such and become another historical figure such as his own parents, that’s why Bidam grew in Munno’s upbringing and teachings.

Well, that are just the earthly facts about this oh-so-awesome man Bidam. But who really is Bidam, inside?

First and foremost is his bubbly nature. He is a natural prankster, with nothing but funny stuff in his mind. He can ‘out-ninja’ a ninja who’s into hiding, he can laugh even at those cheesy scenes of Deokman and Yushin or even talk and look at the Princess so casually at front of other hwarangs (Alcheon and Yushin). Second, of course, who would’ve forgotten his intelligence when it comes to sword’s artistry which had led him into being a Hwarang with his own troop (yeah, I know, he only got a troop name but with no follower whatsoever, besides, I believe Bidam would’ve wanted it that way in order not to put himself into teaching  other people of his secret techniques, don’t you think?). He had fought and killed plenty of people and didn’t mind the bloodstains in his face as long as he finishes his missions. Also, he is known to be a great interrogator, with his mischievous eyes and cold stares, there are only a few who could have resist those.

But nevertheless, he is the Bidam who love until his last breath his one and only Deokman; not Queen Seon Deok or Her Majesty, but Deokman.


Yes, Bidam is remembered by every Queen Seon Deok fans out there because of his treason, by calling the Queen by her name, Deokman. And he even died for it, in the hand of his rival whom he, at least as I believed it, still acknowledged as his friend despite of their affection towards one woman. 

He is the Bidam who grew with nothing but a book to take good care of, yet who longed to love and to be loved, but maybe love for him is like a snowflakes, which melts once held by his hands; for when it was the time he would be able to garner love from Deokman, it was also the time when everyone in his faction backfired him, made him believe of a lie, led him away from the Queen, making his own devotion destroy the love he share with the Queen, making him an enemy of the state, enemy of his beloved Deokman.

But still, many of us still love this man despite of his mistake. For he will always be the Bidam whom Mishil brought into this world out of greed, was raised by Munno out of aspirations, a rival in love of Yushin, yet who was loved by and who loved Deokman as a woman.




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History and Politics

You’re so unlikely to love fancy things you know, it is as if you’ve matured so young yet so well…

Heard this a lot of times from different people who got to know me by short period of time. They find my addiction toward History and Politics weird… But I don’t know, it’s just really captivating…

But what really fascinates me is ancient politics, a fusion of both History and Politics; kings and queens, knights and squires, counts and countess…

It’s just that, I believe those historical politicians had much more complicated issues than modern politicians. Nowadays, as long as you can talk to a lot of people and is as convincing as hell for them to vote for you, then there’ll be no problem, but back at those times where Politics are played by merely one family, wouldn’t it be much more exciting to dwell in and to play with? Given its so limited space yet vast land of possibilities and results? Ha!

What about you?

Bidam: The Quee…

Bidam: The Queen still trusts you more, you know?
Yushin: And you are the only one that can comfort her. See that you do. Don’t let your love cause her pain. Understand? … Congratulations.

A conversation of Yushin and Bidam after Queen Seon Deok’s announcement on marrying Bidam… Episode 58